Mixer Soundcraft Si Compact 24

Mixer Soundcraft Si Compact 24
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Mã sản phẩm: Si Compact 24
Thương hiệu: Soundcraft
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Mixer Soundcraft Si Compact 24
Mixer số 24 Input PreAmp Soundcraft

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  • 24-channel digital mixing console with 4 stereo channels
  • 24 x analogue mono mic/line channels with GB30 mic preamps
  • 24 x motorized faders
  • 14 x mono aux busses
  • 16 x analogue bus/master connectors
  • 4 x FX busses with stereo Lexicon effects engines (over 20 preset effects, which are controlled via rotary encoders and the touch screen)
  • 4 x matrix busses
  • LRC mix busses
  • 4 x assignable mute groups
  • 4 x assignable insert send/returns pairs for external processing
  • Harman HiQnet integration for advanced live sound system control
  • 1 x 64 x 64 bus expansion slot for Si Series option cards
  • 1 x AES/EBU stereo input and output
  • MIDI and word clock connectivity
  • 8-segment stereo input metering
  • Center control section includes input, output, gate, compressor, and equalizer sections - accessible via each channel's Select button
  • Input section controls phantom power, polarity reverse, gain/trim adjustment, and frequency setting for the highpass filter
  • Output section controls delay and pan control, as well as plus stereo and mono mix assignment
  • Dynamics Section controls for the gate and compressor
  • Compressors also available on all busses providing full control over side-chain filters, thresholds, attack, release, gain, depth and ratio
  • 4-band EQ section provided on every channel and bus output
  • EQ includes 2 swept mid bands, plus shelving high frequency and low frequency sections
  • USB Desk settings and snapshots can be stored for later recall onto a USB memory stick
  • Color touch screen used primarily for setup, show control, naming, insert assignment, channel patching, and monitor setup
  • Graphic equalizer available on all outputs (controllable via the channel faders in GEQ mode)
  • FaderGlow illuminates the channel faders according to the Si Compact 24's operating mode: amber shows pre-fade Aux sends, green for post-fade sends, blue for FX sends, red for graphic EQ settings, white for stereo channels, etc.
  • Built-in accessories tray
  • TOTEM (The One-Touch Easy Mix) can clear all current Solos, put input faders into sends on faders mode (lighting fader glow accordingly), place the Bus master or FX return onto the MONO/Sel fader, solo the appropriate bus master or FX Return channel, assign the central control section to the bus output or FX retrun Meters Metering provided for every active channel or bus, and more
  • EMMA Lite processor/DSP engine (derived from the processor used in the full-sized Si series consoles) allows you to run all of the FX, plus graphic EQs on all outputs, delays on inputs, and dynamics on all inputs and outputs

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