Loa Monitor Passive Turbosound TPX122M

Loa Monitor Passive Turbosound TPX122M
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Mã sản phẩm: TPX122M
Thương hiệu: Turbosound
Đánh giá:
4.5/5 trong 19 lượt 
2 Way 12" Full Range Loudspeaker and Stage Monitor for Portable PA Applications

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  • 2 way full range loudspeaker and stage monitor for portable PA applications

  • 250 Watts continuous, 1,000 Watts peak power

  • High excursion 12" low frequency driver with low mass voice coil for improved transient response

  • Aluminium dome 1" compression driver with extended high frequency reproduction

  • Low profile design to maximise audience sight lines

  • Low distortion waveguide provides 70? H x 50? V dispersion

  • Hard wearing carpet covered 18mm (3/4") wood construction

  • Rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille

  • Durable handles for easy lifting and carrying

  • Dual angle pole mount for accurate audience coverage

  • Neutrik speakON* NL4 connectors for reliable long life operation

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